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Nick Labrum Photography

You’ve probably seen the phrase a hundred times in your hunt for the perfect wedding photographer: “Documentary style” or “Reportage photography”, but what does it all mean? Well, in a nutshell documentary photography is all about capturing the moments, being unobtrusive and snapping away at the natural interactions of the guests without the more ‘old school’ posing and arranging. The reason why I’m telling you this is that I also choose to shoot weddings in this way.

My job is to blend into the background, be part of the crowd and be one of the guests, being in the right place at the right time to capture those natural moments. The moments that cannot be staged – that spontaneous laughter, that cute moment where you think nobody is looking: That’s what I aim to capture.

Other than the shots which you specifically request on the day, I won’t stage a single shot that we haven’t already talked about. From the moment I meet you until the moment I leave, everything I capture will be completely of the moment. I can document it all, from the bride preparation, ceremony, speeches and first dance right through to the guests relaxing after the ceremony and enjoying the day with you.

Other packages:

Add a second photographer: £300

Add an engagement shoot: £150

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