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Miles Hart Photography

Hey, I’m Miles! I’ve been shooting weddings week in week out for 10 years now. It’s amazing to think of how many couples, venues, confetti throws and drunken uncles I’ve photographed in this time. Every wedding day still feels completely unique and my buzz for each and every ‘big day’ continues to grow!

My philosophy is simple. I believe each and every bride & groom should be entitled to quality wedding photographs they can cherish forever, at a price which is fair.

I like my photographs to feel as relaxed and natural as possible. I aim to capture every moment and make my couples say ‘WOW’ at the results. Striking the right balance between confidently coordinating the photographs that have been requested whilst also giving the bride & groom the space to enjoy their special day has been key to my success over the years. ​

I’d love to meet you over coffee and learn more about how I can document your wedding!

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