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Love in Focus

Hi, I’m Sandy, I’m really into natural shots at weddings, the ones that tell a story and that you didn’t notice I was there for. I love to catch real moments and real emotions because I think they paint a much more genuine picture of your wedding day.

The way I can achieve this is partly based on my experience as a wedding photographer – I can anticipate certain things just because I’ve shot so many weddings around Bristol – but a big part of it is my approach.

I like to be pretty laid-back when I’m shooting, I find that being relaxed and friendly helps everyone else relax around the camera and makes for much better photos. I don’t interfere with your day, so you get to relax and enjoy your wedding, hang out with your guests and just have fun! I’ll make sure I get great photos of all the fun, so you can focus on having the best wedding day possible instead of spending ages on the wedding photography. Then when you get your photos back, you get to relive your wedding all over again.

Having me as your wedding photographer is a bit like having a mate at your wedding who stays oddly sober and that just so happens to take some kick ass photos.

What do I get?

  • 100% of me, along with all of my knowledge of photography and experience of weddings to help create the best possible day with photos to match.
  • An initial meeting so I can properly understand what you are looking for from your wedding photography.
  • An engagement shoot where I take you through the process I’ve developed through years of experience to give you confidence in front of the camera.
  • An optional feedback session to go over the shots from your engagement shoot so that I can learn more about you as a couple.
  • An optional planning session just before the wedding to talk over the schedule for the day.
  • A relaxed wedding day enjoying yourself without having to worry about the photography.
  • Fun, laid back photography where you get to be yourselves and feel totally at ease around the camera.
  • Loads of great photos of you and your guests having an amazing time.

Anything else?

  • I promise not to have better hair than the groom.
  • Guaranteed dry weather (indoor weddings only).
  • You can come and cuddle my cats if you like

Watch this video to see me behind the scenes at a wedding and learn more about my work:

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