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The prices shown are the ones given directly to us by each photographer and the prices of bespoke packages may differ. We try to keep our information up to date but The Wedding Cheque can accept no responsibility for any difference in price between the ones quoted on this webpage and those quoted directly to you by one of our photographers.


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AD Media

Your wedding is just about the most intimate and personal experience you enjoy and invite loved ones to share. I take great pride in capturing your treasured day with my photography. It’s my passion. My story-telling style conveys emotions long after the split-second they were captured. Feelings that are locked in like love time-capsules. Their magic enduring to provide endless pleasure as you recall your unbelievable day in the warm glow of your life together. Moments that contain…a parental smile bursting with pride, a tender glance that says everything, an expression of unbridled joy, a gesture of affection with a touch of the hand…heartfelt hugs that last forever…bridesmaids gushing… children’s cake-smudged innocence and playful laughter…granny’s hanky dabbing the corner of her eye, ‘hidden’ under her sleeve. And the tender, special moments of two people in love, their eyes melting with affection. All silently recorded, without intrusion or fuss. No endless posing-by–numbers with me, you’ll be relieved to know!

When we do our chosen portrait shots it will feel natural, relaxed and full of fun. The smiles and laughter on all the faces, clear for all to see – they are enjoying your day nearly as much as you! I would consider it a privilege to be selected as your photographer with the opportunity to present you with a cherished record of the happiest day of your lives. One that is genuine. And most importantly, the real you, relaxed, confident, beaming with joy and full of love and enjoying every precious moment. 

Let’s get to know each other with a meeting over coffee and talk about your day. I am easy to get on with, personable, friendly and definitely no ego. Just pride in what I do. Let me share it with you.

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